Making Sense of Making Money for Making a Difference. 

Money Mastery combines all of Billy Epperhart's teaching on wealthbuilding!

The principles taught in Money Mastery have helped many come to a deeper understanding of getting out of debt, building wealth, and making an impact with our God-given resources. This is a must-read for anyone interested in business, wealthbuilding, investment, or social impact. Get your copy of Money Mastery today!

You’ll learn… -How to get out of debt -How to build passive income -The laws of wealth -Billy’s trademarked Triple X Factor -How to reach financial freedom through real estate, stocks &. business and more!

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Money Mastery Workbook

Billy’s companion to his new Money Mastery book combines all of his teachings on wealth building perfect for group study! You’ll interact with the material by… 

  • Answering questions before the reading 
  • Notes and highlights during the reading 
  • Reflections for after reading 
  • Summaries, small group discussions, extending the lesson and more!

Money Mastery USB Set

The Money Mastery MP3 Audio Series is a comprehensive course to help you develop mastery of money. In the Money Mastery series you will learn about:  

  • Money That You Work For  
  • Money That Works For You  
  • Money That Works Without You  

This program arrives on a USB flash drive and includes: 10 Session Downloadable MP3 Audio Series with complimentary PDF workbook.

Money Mastery DVD Set

This 14 session downloadable video series is a comprehensive course on mastering your money. You will learn about...

  • Getting out of debt 
  • Investing 
  • Building passive income 
  • and more!


This book gives us the nuts and bolts of how to prosper. We know that God wants us to prosper but most of us are at a loss as to how to make that happen. Money Mastery: Making Sense of Making Money for Making a Difference helps us in layman's terms understand the steps to take to build wealth for the Kingdom of God. It is the Triple X Factor.

-Lyn Hartman

Money Mastery by Billy Epperhart is a refreshing and easy read about the proper use of your money. Much wisdom and knowledge is found in the pages of this book. You may find yourself reading cover to cover in one sitting. Read and be blessed to be a blessing!

-Marjorie Briese

This book has given me many practical ways that I have not thought of in real estate. It has started me on a course in the right direction to acquire the information that I need to pursue real estate.

-Connie Moore

Billy Epperhart

Billy's titles are many - Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Speaker, Coach, Author, Pastor, Philanthropist, Husband, Father, and Grandfather. 

After a brief stint in retirement, Billy Epperhart is returning to his passion of helping people reach their dreams through Wealthbuilders so that they can make an impact. He shares his wisdom weekly on the blog, at speaking events and coaching sessions, and through his three businesses. 

He is married to Becky Epperhart, and is the father of two children and four grandchildren - all boys. He lives with his family in Colorado.  

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